Good Monday.  Get ready for a pattern of hot and muggy weather with little chance of any meaningful rain this week.

We could use the rainfall.  Even though we have done well for June (We have received 2.73" this month while on average this far in we only see just under 2"), we are looking at a dry spell this week that will see our annual rainfall deficit of -4.72" only grow.

A big ridge of high pressure sitting on the east coast will extend into the Tennessee Valley and give us a light southerly flow along with a stable atmosphere.  That combination will provide warmer than normal temps and little opportunity for rain.  The average high for this time of year is 88 degrees.  We will climb to 94 this afternoon.  With the high humidity, it will feel like the upper 90s.

I don't expect any change for the first half of the week.  By Thursday, the high pressure will loosen it's grip just a bit.  That will allow me to put in a 20% chance for a shower with highs staying around 90 degrees.  That's the way it will stay through Saturday, then it looks like we may get a front pushing in.  That will up our chances for rain even more Sunday afternoon.

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8am... Sunny, 71

Noon... Partly Cloudy, 87

5pm... Partly Cloudy, 94