NBC News - Dads are endless fountains of advice, although sometimes it comes more in the form of commands. 

He may say, "Close that door, are you trying to heat the whole outside?" but you can choose to view that as guidance on reducing one's utility bills. 

"Don't make me pull this car over" is a driving tip. "Stop crossing your eyes or they'll freeze that way" is Human Anatomy 101.

TV dads were no exception. They spouted advice like it was going out of style faster than Bill Cosby's abstract-art sweaters. 

But since their advice was scripted by high-paid screenwriters aimed at getting big ratings, it was much more entertaining than most advice from our dads, who were usually just trying to get us to stop spreading peanut butter on the cat.

To help celebrate Father's Day, here's some of the best advice from our favorite TV dads, including Cliff Huxtable on trying, Mike Brady on buying a used car, Red Forman on jobs, and Homer Simpson on the three sentences you need to know in life. 

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