Cleveland, Tennessee had it's maximum hint of South Carolina Gamecock flavor in recent memory Saturday night as the 'ol ball coach, Steve Spurrier came to town.

Spurrier, USC's head football coach since 20-05, came for the fifth annual Bradley Sunrise Rotary Sunset Gala.

Many know Spurrier grew up in Johnson City as the son of a minister, but did you know the Florida Gators' QB and 1966 Heisman Trophy winner spent some of his youth in the friendly city of Athens?

"We usually played up at Tennessee Wesleyan in Athens, I'd go up there, kick around, punt around, play sandlot ball with who ever was out there. But we could have played in the front yard also, we played a lot of front yards back in those days," reminisced Spurrier

While on the subject of football, we had to ask Spurrier for his critique of second year Vols Head Football Coach Butch Jones.

"I think Butch is doing an excellent job and again I hope they don't get too good too soon,we play them every year but you gotta believe they're heading in the right direction, certainly," said Spurrier.

The Vols take on Spurrier's South Carolina Gamecocks in Columbia, SC November 1st.