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Early morning power outage at Jaycee Towers

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The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to Jaycee Towers at 500 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. on a report of parties possibly trapped in a stalled elevator.

Upon their arrival investigators discovered the building had lost power and was running off of the back-up generator.

Fire investigators tell Channel 3 that elevator #1 was found to have power but was stalled on the 17th  floor and no one was inside. Elevator #2 was without power and sitting on the ground floor and was checked clear. 

An EPB representative arrived at the scene and told investigators that there were some damage to several fuses and that he was going to completely secure all power to the building for safety reasons.  

The decision was made to shelter all residents in place until EPB could trouble shoot the situation. R

The American Red Cross representatives coordinated an action plan to be put in place in the event of an evacuation of the residents. EPB personnel restored the power to the building and  turned the scene over to  Lookout Properties. 
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