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Nineteen-year-old Marissa Williams was arrested after she unknowingly told her aunt via Facebook that she wanted to kill her and her family.

Williams allegedly met men online and invited them to the family’s home, causing friction between herself and her aunt.

Williams has been living with her aunt in Fosters, Alabama, since April 2014, according to

Since Williams had blocked her aunt on the social networking site, her aunt decided to create a fake profile under the name “Tre “‘Topdog” Ellis so that Williams would friend her and talk to her — essentially catfishing her own niece.

Her attempt to teach the teen a lesson really escalated quickly.

Upon their first interaction, Williams gave the imaginary man her phone number and home address.  She also offered to have sex with him if he paid her $50 cell phone bill.

After talking online for a few days, Williams allegedly asked Ellis to kidnap her, so that she could leave her family.

As the conversation continued over time, the teen allegedly told Ellis, a man she had never met, how to get into the family’s home and asked him to shoot her aunt, her aunt’s fiance and her cousin.

When the aunt reported the conversations to authorities, police questioned Williams. The 19-year-old admitted she said those things but that she never intended for anyone to be hurt.

She was arrested and charged with solicitation of murder.