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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says Republicans will unite behind California's GOP nominee for governor after a divisive primary but also says the candidate "has a lot of work" to do to attract national fundraising.

Christie, chairman of the Republican Governors Association, appeared Friday with candidate Neel Kashkari at a San Francisco floral warehouse. He would not commit any financial aid to Kashkari, who faces long odds against incumbent Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

He says if Kashkari makes it a close race and Republicans see an opportunity to win in Democratic-leaning California, Republicans will rush to support him.

Christie was headlining a $10,000-a-plate fundraiser for the governors association later Friday.

Both men denounced comments made earlier this week by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who compared being gay to being an alcoholic. Christie said it was not "an apt analogy."

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