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Mountain City Club needs some cleaning, but the Cozy English Tea Room is near-perfect

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Dining out this weekend?

The inspectors at the Hamilton County Health Department have no failing grades to pass along this week among the 27 restaurants visited by their staff. Remember we do give the low score each Friday in Hamilton County and for this week, that's a 80.

A failing grade is anything lower than a 70. If you are a member of the Mountain City Club on Chestnut Street, you may want to demand a cleaner kitchen these days.

According to Chief Inspector Jack Falcon, there was no hot water in the kitchen hand sinks, all deli meats were out of temperature, the microwave and cooler need a good cleaning, the cutting boards need replacing, floors are dirty and raw food was improperly stored in the freezer. The Mountain City Club comes in with an 80.

The high score of the week is truly fit for a king and queen. Congratulations to the Cozy English Tea Room on Hixson Pike, scoring a 99.

Now that's royal treatment for your customers!

Remember, any complaints about a restaurant, hotel or motel, day care or a place you work out, call the Hamilton County Health Department  Hotline at (423) 209-8110 or feel free to email me and I'll pass your comments directly to Chief Inspector Jack Falcon and he assigns your concerns to one of his employees usually that same day.

This week inspectors are looking at more than 300 public pools in Hamilton County and are also down at Riverbend each night checking out the food vendors. Just a reminder that we only report on Hamilton County businesses.

Enjoy your meal!
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