SPCA volunteers spent Wednesday afternoon trying to rescue more than 200 dogs that were being poorly taken care of.

"When the SPCA got here there where about 237 dogs outside in a building and another 12 inside," said volunteer Ashley Crittenden.

Channel 3 spoke to a nearby resident who wished to remain anonymous. They said many of the neighbors had reported them several times before, suspecting something was happening. But they never saw any action by authorities.

When this story broke on Wednesday afternoon, they say it was worse than they could have ever imagined.

"We knew they bred dogs, and when they barked it didn't seem like that many, but when we found out there where over 200 that was just astounding," said the neighbor.

According to volunteers, many of the dogs were crammed five to a cage and standing in their own feces.

"It tugs at your heart when you walk in there and you see people keeping animals like that. I mean it really does, makes you want to try and save them all," said Karen Maxwell, Volunteer.

Some of the dogs were taken to rescue centers, while others were being shipped straight to the animal hospital barely alive.

"The other little ones are in there and just looking at you and their little faces are just saying please help me," said Maxwell.

Charles Brown with the pet placement center says they took-in nearly 20 of the dogs and are trying to save them.

"We took the dogs we felt were the most critical, a lot of them have pretty significant mange and other infections," said Brown.

Brown says even after their treatment, they'll still need one thing, a loving home.

"All of the dogs were living in small kennels, haven't seen affection. Just handling them tonight you can tell they're scared and overwhelmed,” said Brown. "These guys have suffered enough and we're going to do all that we can to get them happy and healthy and get them some good homes."


Two-hundred and thirty-seven beagles and other dogs are being gathered and cared for in a case of animal hoarding in Bradley County.

The SPCA of Bradley County tells Channel 3 that the dogs are currently being gathering and processed from a location in McDonald, TN.

In some cases, the dogs are just hours, days or weeks old. A local veterinarian has left with dozens of dogs that need medical attention.

The Bradley County Sheriff’s Office is on the scene assisting with the roundup, since there are so many animals and several buildings on the property.

The SPCA says they are quickly running out of crates, bowls and other necessities to care for the animals. They are asking for donations to their
with the designation of

Also needed are volunteers, supplies and adoptions. Please note that the beagles rounded up today will not immediately be available for adoption. The center is closed for intake today due to the large number of animals.

They’ve also said that it appears some animals have never been out of their cages. Some of the animals are said to be in poor condition.

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