All across America, this scene plays out: One youth league baseball coach accuses another of cheating. The coaches argue. Then, one threatens the other.

Except in the latest edition of national pastime pettiness, the man accused of spitting threats has the power to back it up. He's Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston.

Versions of what actually happened are split across team lines. Sonoraville Red Sox players and parents said they heard Ralston threaten to arrest the other coach, Steven Lee Cornette. Ralston and parents of Calhoun Braves players, meanwhile, say this never happened. They say the other side misunderstood the sheriff.

Either way, Cornette filed a complaint with the Calhoun Police Department after the June 2 game between his Red Sox and Ralston's Braves. Ralston said Tuesday the police closed the investigation and won't charge him with disorderly conduct or making terroristic threats.

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