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Waffle House waitress finally gets $1,000 Mother's Day tip

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RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) - A waitress at the Waffle House on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh got a $1,000 tip on Mother’s Day -- and then found out that getting a big tip on a credit card violated company policy.

Shaina Brown of Garner was working the late shift at the Waffle House near downtown Raleigh when a man came in at 3:30 a.m.

After she served him, Brown said, "He pulled me to the side and he said, 'Shania you are a great waitress. You had a good spirit and I want to bless you right now.'"

The man wrote a tip for $1,500 and asked her to give $500 to another woman in the restaurant.

Brown, a single parent and mother of three, was shocked.

And another shock was coming -- under Waffle House policy, big tips aren't allowed on a credit card.

"When a guest makes a tip of this size, it is our procedure to refund the tip amount and ask the guest to make the tip in either cash or a check," said Kelly Thrasher-Bruner of Waffle House. "We follow this procedure in the event the customer decides to dispute the credit card charge and ask for a refund for the tip amount at a later date.

"In this case, our management contacted the customer within 24 hours, explained the procedure, and then refunded the tip amount to his account. The manager also explained the procedure to the associate who was involved."

Brown said the patron later contacted her, came to meet her and wrote her a check for $1,000.

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