Stormy weather over the last few days has caused major problems for one North Georgia man. A tree crashed through his home and then rain showers have threatened additional damage.

He lives on the north side of Rossville, across from East Ridge. His trailer wasn't strong enough to withstand the powerful force of the falling tree. Now some volunteers are pitching in.

73-year-old Charles Freeman was at the hospital Friday when heavy winds snapped a massive branch off a tree, sending it crashing into his trailer home. Now some good Samaritans are trying to get him the help he desperately needs.

"I come home and the bus driver with Catoosa said 'you've got a tree sticking out of your roof' and I said it wasn't there when I left," homeowner Charles Freeman said.

The Rossville resident is battling several medical issues, but looking at where the tree fell, he thankful he was in the hospital when wind snapped the tree in half.

"I would've been up there cooking my oatmeal in the microwave and it landed right on the microwave," he said.

The large tree limb crashed through the roof, crushing most of his kitchen.

"Using the refrigerator that's about it. Can't use anything else. Washing dishes in the tub and all that stuff," Freeman said.

He's worried about severe weather taking that tree down for a while, but couldn't afford to remove it. Without insurance, now he's in an even tougher spot.

"Just didn't know what I was going to do," Freeman said.

But a few locals, who've never even met him, heard about it and are now showing their compassion.

"If I was his age and in his shape, I'd want somebody to help me," volunteer Randy Bullard said.

Randy Bullard has been in construction for more than 20 years. He'll do the work if others can buy the material. He's gotten just enough donations to try to protect it from the rain and calm Freeman's nerves a little.

"I was just sitting waiting all night to hear it splash on the floor," Freeman said about the rain.

"Came over and helped get the limb out, get the tarp on and then I had to come back and put some 2x4 underneath so the water would run off," Bullard said.

A lot still needs done, so other volunteers are trying to get more people on board.

"Some people can't donate money, some people can't donate materials and that's ok because we can use your time," Computers 4 Christ founder and volunteer Louis Finch said.

"I guess God sent them to me," Freeman said.

If you're interested in helping Mr. Freeman, his family requests that you send all donations to Randy Bullard at 545 Friendship Rd. Chickamauga, GA 30707.

They're also asking for donations of construction materials, even scraps. That includes metal siding, no matter the color.