By Eun Kyung Kim, TODAY

(NBC News) - Rarely is a wheelchair this tricked-out and durable enough to plow down any terrain it comes across, just like the tank it was modeled after.

The "Tankchair," created by combat veteran Brad Soden, includes heavy-duty treads that can glide across just about anything, from rugged hillsides to sandy beaches to snowy embankments.

Soden, who never studied engineering or even went to college, created the Tankchair as a way to help his partially paralyzed wife, Liz, who said it's impossible to drive the chair without drawing attention.

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“We’re taught as a society that it’s not polite to stare,” she told Bloomberg News. “But people who get hurt don’t want to be shunned. Once they get in the chair, people will stop and come over.”

And that helps drive the conversation about what the injured person can do, she said.

Soden's fleet of Tankchairs start start at $19,500,
according to his website
and Bloomberg News.