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Sporting family beats I-Pads with wiffle ball

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RINGGOLD, GA--(WRCB) -- The crack of impacting plastic rings out often in this Ringgold, Georgia backyard.
A wiffle ball field lovingly titled Funway Park.
It's the brain trust of Talk 102 FM's Sports Analyst Scott McMahen.
"Get em off the I-pad get 'em outside that's the game," exclaims McMahen, who says it was an easy decision to make their backyard wiffleball friendly, considering the whopping cost of 50 bucks to make it happen.
"I like the monster fence, I'm just hoping to hit one over today," snickers Robey Robenolt, McMahen's brother in law who would later be dissapointed. In fact, he struck out, thanks in part to whiffing pitcher Chance Mahone, who has this down to a science.
"Curve, throwing it really fast and getting them out," Mahone explains casually.
For some players, it's not about the competition but rather, the camaraderie.
"Being with my family and having fun," says Bailey Robenolt about her favorite thing about Funway Park
"They do it every Sunday and I was at the pool today for my friend's birthday party," explains Landon Sims on how he got into the wiffle ball action this sunny afternoon.
Obviously, word of mouth works around here, but it's sometimes hard to say who's enjoying themselves more, the kids, or the young at heart
"I'm having fun because it hit the ball far," beams Bryce Robenolt proudly.
Ask these kids what they'd rather be doing?? It's not video games!
"What do you plan on doing the next time you play?" I ask Brailyn Robenolt who sheepishly answers "uuummm, whack the ball?"
Win, lose or draw, its quite apparent there's no place like home
"Safe, gimme five, yeah."
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