"There's probably at least 30,000 bees up there," said bee removal expert, Josh Lachmann.

He's talking about a home in North Chattanooga where tens of thousands of bees have made their home, swarming around the roof for the last couple of weeks now.

"They're up probably about 40 feet in the soffit area," Lachmann said.

According to the bee removal expert, the hive has grown to 1.5 feet.

"This would obviously be an objection with a buyer," said Chattanooga realtor Todd Henon.

The nearly-$700,000 house has been on the market for a couple of months now, and Henon knew the bees would be unwelcome visitors for potential buyers.

That's why they called out Lachmann, who made the 40-foot climb to get the hive out of there.

But the bees, although a nuisance for neighbors, are becoming increasingly rare.

The U.S. honeybee population is quickly declining without explanation. That's alarming because honeybees populate one-third of crops, said Lachmann, who removes the bees without harming them.

The $700 job takes about four hours. After that the bees will find their new home to make noise down at Lachmann's Georgia bee farm.