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UPDATE: New fire hall to delay move-in date

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE:   It's a big day for Chattanooga firefighters.  They're moving into the new station 9 in East Lake.
For around two weeks, they've been operation out of station 14, while construction crews put the finishing touches on the new station.
Mayor Andy Berke will join fire Chief Lamar Flint and other officials at a grand opening ceremony next week.

There will be a delayed move-in date into the new one-point-five-million dollar Chattanooga Fire Hall in East Lake.
This comes after fire officials found incomplete electrical wiring and drainage problems.
Firefighters for Fire Hall #9 are temporarily bunking at the Alton Park Station, six miles away.
Officials with the Chattanooga Fire Department tell us they hope to be moved in this weekend, or next week at the latest.

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