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Apps to help drivers not text on the road

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An increasing number of apps and services are available for smartphones that can be used to prevent texting while driving.

Most smartphones have technology, such as GPS and accelerometers that can detect speed and movement, making such apps possible.

There are several patents underway that can prevent texting while driving, but most have yet to be utilized by hardware manufacturers such as Apple, HTC or Samsung.

Some service providers also have services for their phones the prevent texting and driving.

While no app is a replacement for common sense, they can help parents govern teens, or serve as a reminder to adults.

Not all apps or services work for all types of phones, so check your device’s app store and be sure to read the reviews to understand the capabilities before dropping your cash on an app or service.

Some apps or services require a monthly subscription as well. Here’s a list of a few of the most popular ones:
  • TXTShield - Limits a user’s ability to text while in motion. The app auto-responds to texts with pre-determined message at speeds selected by the user. Android
  • tXt Blocker - Priced as a monthly or yearly plan, the service limits when and where phone and text can be used. Android, Blackberry
  • - Offers fleet/corporate accounts, administrators can determine what speeds are allowable for phone and texting, along with a maximum top speed, where alerts are sent to the administrators. Apple, Android, Blackberry

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