Memorial Hospital teamed up with the Chattanooga Fire Department Thursday morning for an evacuation drill as its newest wing of the hospital set to open later this summer: The Heart and Vascular Center.

Almost 30 new firefighters played mock patients. The goal was to test the evacuation process in case of an emergency.

"We have to learn all the new stairwells, where to go, where are the quickest routes to egress, we designed them that way. But now, do people know hoe to use them?" said Dr. Kevin Lewis. "Chaos would be the biggest concern. That people don't know their roles, that we don't have an appropriate chain of command, that we don't have the leadership we need, both from the community resources and the hospital resources."

Firefighters played mock patients on all floors of the building. The scenario: The new Heart and Vascular Center catches fire and these patients need to be rescued and triaged appropriately. Rescuers secured the "victims" in man-powered intensive sleds and lowered them down flights of stairs.

"Actually the nurses have been trained to get those patients that are non-ambulatory and can't walk out on their own, and then they're actually going to secure them and latch them in," said Deputy Fire Chief Chris Adams.

Deputy Fire Chief Chris Adams said the proactive drill is about learning how to quickly and effectively move patients.

There's more than 90 beds in the new Heart and Vascular Center. On the entire campus: almost 350.