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Dodds Ave. businessmen deny animal abuse claims

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Two Chattanooga businesses are responding to an online critic who accuses them of animal abuse.
The alleged incident happened Sunday at the Tire Square and Wheel.

"What can I do about it? They've already posted it on the Internet.  I don't know what I can say or do about it, because I didn't do anything to the dogs, I don't own the dogs, I don't have the dogs," says Anicet Njoukou, owner of Tire Square and Wheel, which is under fire on social media after a passerby of the business says he saw two puppies tied to a car inside the lot Sunday.

The tipster took pictures and called police, who in turn called McKamey Animal Services.
Njoukou says the dogs belonged to his next-door business tenant Antonio Salanic, a mechanic who claims he bought the dogs weeks ago but left them on the property Sunday, as he visited Alabama.
He denies he's a dog abuser.

"The people like that who took a picture, he wanted to win something make some money, he wanted something. What was the point?  This was an accident,
no body tie(d) the dog,' says Salanic in halting English. 

Salanic took us to where he says the dogs were tethered. Salanic says he believes the dogs became entangled with each other's guide leashes as they played, and he suspects his online accuser has an ulterior motive.

"If it's intentional, it is abuse," explains Jamie McAloon Lampman, Director of McKamey Animal Services. "But you cannot leave a dog out on a chain without water unsupervised," says Lampman, addressing some of the other concerns when the puppies were picked up.

Lampman says she's limited as to what she can say about the case because it's still being investigated by the Chattanooga Police Department.

When we asked CPD about the investigation, they referred us and our questions back to McKamey.

Antonio Salanic says he wants his puppies back, especially after paying more than 200 dollars for registration and shots.

But his tags go unused, as police reportedly have returned both dogs to their rightful owner.

And that's not Salanic, Njoukou, or their online critic. 
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