EATONTOWN, NJ (NBC) -- Police in New Jersey arrested a Staten Island man after an officer pulled him over with a 5-year-old boy tied to his motorcycle. A police officer in Eatontown noticed twine tied around the boy's feet and waist to secure him to the motorcycle. The officer also thought the helmet was too big for the boy's head.
"As I was passing him, I thought, 'Man, is he really tied to the bike?' Officer Ryan Braswell recalled to NBC 4 New York on Tuesday.
Braswell said the boy's feet were tied tightly to the foot pegs, each one wrapped about 60 times. Another 30 strands of twine were wrapped around his waist.
The driver, who is the boyfriend of the boy's mother, told the officer the boy wanted to ride the motorcycle but that the adults were concerned he might fall off. The mother followed in a truck to keep an eye on him, they said. Police detained the driver for outstanding warrants and ticketed him for driving with a suspended license, reckless driving and failure to wear state-approved helmets.
The child was turned over to his mother.