) It's easy to see 94-year-old Sherwin Callander as a young soldier. Maybe it's the button he wears with pride. At first glance, you think it says, "I survived D-Day". It doesn't. It says, "I survived Damn near everything."

Maybe it's the sense of humor that has a room of people at the Atlanta offices of US Citizenship and Immigration Services laughing at his stories. "I ended up in the brig a couple of times. It was my mouth that ended me up there," he said to laughs.

When Sherwin talks about D-Day, that's when you see it most. When the 70 years between now and then disappear.

"I was scared to death, just like everybody else," he said. "When bullets are whistling past and those big shells are going overhead like whoop, whoop, whoop, you'd be saying your prayers."

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