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UPDATE: Jury finds Lalone guilty of 2011 murder

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: A jury has found Nathan Lalone guilty in the 2011 death of Christian Sosa. The judge has sentenced Lalone to life in prison for the crime.

The day after Christian Sosa was killed, it took accused shooter, Nathan Lalone, a long time to admit to police he knew anything about it.

Lalone said his friend, Tyler Conrad, who died of an accidental drug overdose last year, was the one who pulled the trigger.  But gave detectives a very detailed account of the shooting.

"He shot the whole round of bullets at him.  He shot his clip at them in the car."

Sabrina Lovett was with Lalone soon after the murder.  "he said something about a dome, not sure if he said hit him in the dome.  Aapparently Christian had done something to him or something and it just wasn't right."

Lalone admitted having past problems with Sosa and told investigators he'd been wanting to fight him for a while because Sosa stole his gun.

Before Lalone was arrested the detective told him he didn't think Lalone was rehashing Tyler Conrad's story, he was reliving his own.

Testimony continued Wednesday in the Nathan Lalone murder trial. Lalone is charged in the 2011 murder of Christian Sosa.

Sosa and  his girlfriend, Meghan Bennett were parked at tennis courts in Apsion when a gunman opened fire.

Tuesday's testimony has Bennett on the stand, giving her version of the events that night.

M: 'Is that Nathan? Oh my god'

Meghan Bennett didn't even recognize 22 year old Nathan Lalone in court Tuesday. He's the man accused of shooting her, and killing her boyfriend 19 yr old Christian Sosa in November 2011. It happened in Apison park.

M: "Pulled the emergency brake up ad next thing I know Christian tellin me leave, I look up asking why, and bullets start flying in my car"

The couple was ambushed by a masked shooter as soon as they pulled up.

M: "I looked up and I saw a bigger person dressed in all black with a gun pointed at my car, walking towards me shooting"

Investigators recovered eight .40 caliber shell casings from the scene. Bennett's car had been shot more than 10 times.

The couple was supposed to have met a friend, Tyler Conrad, there in the park.

That's who Bennett initially thought was the shooter.

But police recovered a pair of sweatpants in the woods, along with Lalone's drivers license.

M: "I would have never thought in my life Nathan would have done that"

The trial for a man charged with opening fire on a car in Apison in November 2011 begins Tuesday.

Nathan Lalone, 22, is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder.

Witnesses say Christian Sosa and Meghan Bennett were parked at tennis courts near Bill Jones Rd. when a gunman opened fire.

Channel 3 Eyewitness News reporter Sara Sidery is covering the case, and tweeting live from the courtroom. Follow her on Twitter @SaraSideryWRCB.

Sosa, 19, was killed. Bennett was shot in the side, but was able to drive them to a house on Camp Rd. in Collegedale.

Two other men were charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

During a preliminary hearing in 2011, Bennett testified Sosa and one of the suspects talked on the phone prior to the shooting, and she believed they were going to meet at the park to do drugs.

After the shooting, police found Lalone’s sweatpants and his ID in the nearby woods.
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