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Famed neurosurgeon turned author visits Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A bit of political star-power made a stop in the scenic city Monday night. 

Dr. Ben Carson, noted neurosurgeon turned conservative political pundit stopped at Books-A-Million on Highway 153 to promote his new book, "One Nation".
Supporters began lining up well before his arrival. Once inside, he signed autographs, posed for pictures, and chatted with Channel 3 about his message. "There's so much partisan politics involved in everything," said Dr. Carson, "and we have big problems that we have to solve and I want the American people to recognize that we are not each other's enemies. The real enemies are those who are to divide us up."

Carson was catapulted to fame after a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in which he was critical of the Obama administration, while standing just feet from the president. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with people speaking their minds," he explained. "We've gotta get out of this whole political correctness realm of, 'I need permission to say this.' You know? And people have to stop being so sensitive."

This tour has taken him around the country. Outside was a tour bus with Dr. Carson's face and book jacket emblazoned on its sides. Carson knows the area well, as parents are from Chattanooga. He said, the large crowd he attracted Monday night is the same reaction he is getting from very diverse places. ""Every place I go around this country: Red State, Blue State, North, South, East West; huge, enthusiastic crowds," he added. "It's like people are coming out saying, 'You mean there's somebody else with common sense? You mean I'm not the only one?'"  

Now the focus of a movement to draft him into the presidential race, asked if he will run in 2016, Carson said, "Only the good Lord knows the answer."
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