The number of people hit while walking along Tennessee interstates and roads are up. They're also on the rise in Georgia where 182 people throughout the state were hit by motor vehicles in 2013.  

In Georgia, deaths are up 12 % or 67 more deaths than this time last year. 

The Tennessee Department of Safety says, they've noticed pedestrian fatalities increased this year, the most recent incident happened over the weekend in Marion County. The victim passed away a few hours after the accident.

Lt. Harmon with THP says, “many accidents can be avoided  especially the ones were people break down on the highway  and walk too close to traffic. 

The safe thing to do is make a phone call first and ask for roadside assistance. 

If you are stranded on a Tennessee roadway dial * 847 it will connect you to a trooper that will come help you as soon as possible.”