What started four years ago as a free meal program for at-risk youth in seven locations across the Chattanooga has now spread to more than 60 locations and serves thousands of meals.

"It was over 60,000 meals," YMCA's Mobile Fit-Feeding Summer Program Coordinator Laura Horne says. She's talking about last year's turn out, as the program grows she says they still can't keep up with the need.

"That's not even scratching the surface on the need. We're not even getting to all the spots that we need to even with the 65 sites," says Horne.

Beginning in January, workers begin planning for the summer months. They rely mostly on college students to make it  happen.

"Sparked my interest, so I said sign me up for it," college student Peter Guarneiri says.

It's his second year working with the program. He says he looks forward to spending his summer months with the Y, especially as the need for food and health continues to grow.  

"Tells you how many people there are that need what we do or what we can provide for them," Guarneiri says.

These lunch bags aren't being packed with cookies are chips, instead a healthy substitute of grapes, carrots and yogurt.

"We try to introduce new fruits and vegetables that some of these kids haven't seen before," Horne explains.

Each cooler is packed full of meals; breakfast, lunch or a snack and taken to one of the 65 locations across the city. Once lunch is served its time to prep for the next day to start all over again.

If you'd like more information on the Summer Feeding Program or would like to visit one of the sites go to