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New sidewalks underway for Chattanooga

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - The 20-year-old's family says it's unfortunate it took a tragedy like theirs to get the city's attention to place public sidewalks in their community.  Their wish was granted and the process should be complete by the end of the year.

Dr. Wood with Alton Park Development Corporation,  "We hope that as a result of Quenton, which is unfortunate, that the community and the city will see the need to put in sidewalks."

Twenty-year-old Quenton Bonner was released from Siskins Hospital this week, but his family says he still has a long road to recovery ahead

Dr. Wood, "he has brain damage, he can't walk on his own and he has damage in his foot area.

Quenton's grandmother, "he has to have someone in the front and the back of him- he cant walk without help."

According to his family, Quenton was walking along Workman Road on his way home when a car hit him causing permanent damage, changing the way he will live his life forever. 

"There is nothing normal about his quality of life now, it has forever changed his future."

Quenton's family says this accident could have been avoided if sidewalks were added to the busy roadway that many Wheeler Homes residents walk along to catch a bus to other parts of town.
Channel 3 talked to Chattanooga's Transportation Department, they say changes are already in the work.

Blythe with Chattanooga's Transportation Department , "at some point we will pave Workman Road this season.  We are planning to put sidewalks in this year.  There will also be a bike lane."

Receiving sidewalks by the end of the year, the Alton Park Development Corporation says is something every community throughout Chattanooga deserves including theirs
Dr. Wood, "it is a very needed structure that we hope they get so we don't see another accident."

The Transportation Department says they are hoping the sidewalks and bike lanes will be complete by the end of December
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