A worker at a downtown Chattanooga coffee shop got the letter of a lifetime Wednesday.

Someone left behind more than $1,300 in cash for the 21-year-old barista.

At Cadence Coffee, barista Molly Williams does more than just sell coffee. She invests in her customers' lives and sometimes, they invest in hers.

Molly's shift had just ended Wednesday when a customer pointed out an envelope, face-up on the floor and addressed to Williams. Inside the envelope was $1,300 in cash and a typed-out one-page letter.

"The envelope was under the table and it changed my life," Williams said. "It was a really long letter. It had things that they noticed about me, things about God and how they felt moved."

There was no name. It was just signed "all the best" and "get that degree girlfriend."

"He literally was like, 'I don't know why I'm holding this amount of money in my hands right now but its yours and I know you're going to do great things with it and someone cares about you," she said.

Molly doesn't know who left the 13x$100 bills but the good samaritan seems to know her. The cash is paid out to the dollar for a bill she owes UTC. She had to leave the school after three semesters because of money. But now she can plot her return to continue studying non-profit management and one day pay it forward. Molly's story proves that even a small investment in someone's life can have a big return.

"I try my hardest to remember people's names and things they've told me," she said. "I care. I'm not going to ask if I don't care. I just try to be a genuine person."

Molly drove straight to the bank Wednesday to deposit the cash. She plans to pay off her debt to UTC Thursday.