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Crime Stoppers: Bank Robbery Suspect Sought

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Cohutta Bank robbery suspect Cohutta Bank robbery suspect

We learn a couple things in this week's Crime Stoppers case. It is a very serious crime whether or not you use or even show a weapon. Plus, thanks to surveillance video and the promise of reward cash, if you do decide to rob a bank, you will soon have the whole Tennessee Valley looking for you.

"If this picture looks like someone that you know that, all of a sudden, had a roll of cash after the 22nd of May, give us a call," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Daniel Jones. Your tip could lead to a roll of cash in your future. It is a cut and dry crime, this week: a robbery at Cohutta Bank on Highway 153 in Chattanooga.

Sgt. Jones explains how it happened. "The individual walks in, goes straight to the bank teller," he explained. "Once he gets in front of the bank teller, he hands her a note. The only thing on the note, it says, 'Give me the money. Make no scene.' That's all it says on the note. She complies with the order. She goes around and grabs the money out of the till that she has."

After the crook got the cash, he ran away. He had not shown a weapon, but that makes no difference. This is still a serious crime. "Just think if someone tried to come to hand you a piece of paper that says 'Give me all your money. Don't make a scene.' That's immediately gonna put someone in fear of their life," said Jones. "So, it's not necessarily whether they brandish a gun or don't brandish a gun. It's still a strong arm robbery."

Have a close look at the suspect. "This is a black male, Jones said. "He's medium build, dark skin, and it looks like the hat may be a Miami Heat hat."

Check the man's clothes, and in the surveillance video, watch his mannerisms, and be on the lookout for a behavior change in the last week. "These guys always like to brag about it," Jones added. "Or, all of a sudden, they'll come home and their girlfriend, boyfriend, whatever it may be, they get a big roll of cash in their pocket and they're going out to eat on Friday night when they normally have to eat at home. These type things are indicators they may have done something wrong."

Up to a $1,000 reward cash is waiting and we guarantee your identity will be protected. As a matter of fact, we will never ask who you are. You will simply be issued a case number.

Help us identify this guy before he strikes again. Call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

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