A Jasper resident wants some answers after he says he witnessed a crime involving authorities, wanted to report it but was denied that right. "There's got to be a higher standard, he wears a badge," he says, the witness wanted to remain anonymous as he spoke to Channel 3.

He says on Memorial day a TBI Meth Task Force truck was sitting in the parking lot of Love's convenience store in Jasper. A woman was nearby talking with the driver.

"All the sudden he sped off and he ran over her foot and the spare tire on his trailer hit her on the head and she did flips, he just kept on going," the man says.

Witnesses called 911, he ran after the TBI truck. "I run down the hill and I beat on his window and said hey, you just hit that lady," explains the witness.

Jasper police arrived on the scene and spoke to the victim. She refused to press any charges, to them it was over but that didn't sit well with this witness, "this lady is going to have a heck of a headache when she wakes up, probably a broken foot and he just drives off like it ain't anything."

The witness went to dispatch at the Marion County Courthouse to file a report. "I was told that if the victim doesn't want to press charges that's it, you have to be the victim to report a crime," he says.

Jasper police Chief Tim Graham says the officer on the scene took the witnesses information. At that point they had done all they could without the victim prosecuting.

"I was told I can't report it cause I'm not the victim, that's the issue I got and that's not right," the witness says.

Channel 3 contacted the TBI who says their driver was the one who initially called authorities. Their policy requires the TBI employee to write a detailed memo to be passed up the chain of command and contact local authorities.