Construction of the proposed roundabout at Jenkins Road and Igou Gap Road is underway. The intersection will be closed to eastbound and northbound traffic. An intersection bypass will be provided for westbound and southbound traffic.

The construction is an inconvenience to drivers and a nuisance to neighbors. Drivers turn around in residential driveways and yards along Jenkins Road and Igou Gap Road. It seems to be their only option once they get to the barricaded intersection.

Nelson Ovalle lives on Jenkins Road and said hundreds of cars have used his driveway and front yard to pull in, reverse and turnaround since construction began Tuesday.

"There's a lot of damage in the yard from that many cars that we had three days ago going in the yard, in people's yard," he said. "I don't know what's going to happen because there's still cars turning around in my yard.

He and others complained to the city and on Thursday, city crews put barricades further down his street, giving drivers a better warning and more time to plan a detour.

"They doing much better now by putting the barricade where people can see it. It was a mess in the beginning but its much better now," he said.

Estimated project completion date is August 15, 2014. Detour routes are posted.

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