This is the first Memorial Day for Sandra Samples as a widow. She honored the love of her life at the Chattanooga National Cemetery. The man she married 44-years ago Phillip Samples passed away from Liver Cancer November 14th, 2013. Sandra says, her husband was a strong Christian, loving father and a proud solider who wanted to defend his country.

Sandra was handed a gold pin and embraced by a strong group of women called "Gold Star Wives" that know exactly what she is going through. They meet together once a month, call each other on the phone and have an unspoken understanding of what it feels like to lose a significant other

Sandra said, “
it meant so much to me to see this big crowd out here today that is supporting his memory. I cannot tell you how special they are, it is ok that they know my pain and see my tears.”

If you would like to connect with Gold Star Wives in Chattanooga click on this link: