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Cyclists took on "the wall" in this year's U. S. Pro Cycling Championship

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - After a successful inaugural year hosting the cycling championships, race organizers set out to make the course even more challenging this year.

Part of that challenge came with the Kent Street climb, better known as 'the wall.'  Cyclists took on the hard task of making their way up the 20 percent grade.

It proved to be too difficult for some racers, having to hop off and walk to the top, but they were still met with cheers of encouragement.

Megan Williams, "
once we moved here we found out they were coming up our hill for the first time and got really excited."
Ben Stewart, " the next thing we did was call all of our friends and tell them ,'hey, don't make any plans for Memorial Day because you guys are coming over here, and cookout out and hang out and watch the race."

Megan Williams and Ben Stewart just moved to Kent Street.   They had front row seats to all the action.

Megan Williams, "we walk this hill every day and it's a tough one!"

Lory Heron, "just watching these gals go up this hill. It's just amazing to see how well and how fast they can climb that thing!"

Avid cyclists like Lory Heron say Kent is one of the toughest climbs they've ever seen.      She says she'll leave the challenge up to the pros.     

Matt Barbour, Eyewitness News reporter, "Have you ever climbed it?"
Lory Heron,  "I never will. I might walk it! That's about it. And i would never even come down it. That would scare me even more!"
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