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A Georgia teen defies the odds and doctors' predictions to graduate at the top of his class

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Evan Mercer wasn't expected to ever speak, read, attend school.  He certainly wasn't expected to be the valedictorian of one of Cobb county's largest high schools.  Evan had his own plans.

The path to this stage started 14 years ago.   Evan was four-years-old, just diagnosed as deaf.   Specialists said he'd never get those formulative [formative] years back, he'd never recover.

Evan Mercer, Valedictorian, "But deafness has taught me a lesson- to never give up. Not when the experts tell you it cannot be done. Not when you have fallen so far behind, that quitting seems the only way out. Not when achieving your dream seems an absolute impossibility. Understand that quitting is easy. But it is also permanent."

Maybe more amazing: this isn't a one-time viral video.

Evan has been working in the community for years, won a scholarship with 11alive's Kids Who Care Program because of his work building outdoor classrooms and working with young, deaf children.

"I want to improve lives".

That giving back started a long time ago.  Stretched through graduation night when he gave everyone in that audience a little piece of awe.
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