One little boy is taking a dating dilemma very seriously, despite the fact that he's barely out of kindergarten.

In a video going viral on YouTube titled "Kid Predicaments," a solemn-faced boy looks miserable as he has a conversation with an off-camera voice, which seems to belong to his mother, about his love life.

"You can't have three girlfriends?" she asks.

"No," he says plaintively, looking glum.

"Why?" she asks.

"I could have two," he says. "It's like, I don't want three."

When asked if the situation is stressing him out, he nods and says, "Yeah. I have to give one up."

As he struggles with whose heart to break, the woman behind the camera — her amusement barely disguised — tries to sympathize. "It's rough being five, isn't it?" she asks.

He agrees: "I wish I was four again."

Ain't that the truth.

The adorable video,
, was posted to YouTube on Friday. No word yet as to whether the boy's girlfriends have seen it yet.