"We are putting flags on everyone's grave to respect the men and women that died."

This Memorial Day weekend, 1500 Boy and Girl Scout troops from Alabama, North Georgia and Tennessee headed out on foot to place American flags next to each and every tombstone inside the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

"It feels good to help out with my friends.  We are putting down flags to remember them."

Father and son duo, John and Jarron Jones placed one flag after another to help decorate and pay their respect to the 52,000 plus fallen heroes laid to rest there.

John Jones, "a lot of them lost their lives serving and fighting for our country.  I feel very proud and honored to do this."

It's the first year they signed up to participate.  The Jones say, they will definitely be back next year to give thanks to the men and women that paid the ultimate sacrifice for their freedom including their own family members and close friends.

John Jones, "my dad served in the military for 23 years.  He served two tours, one in Vietnam and the other one in Korea. "