ATLANTA -- Friendship Baptist Church is holding its final service on Mitchell Street this weekend. The congregation is preparing to move to a new location to make way for the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

Actress Jasmine Guy is among the many people who have spent countless Sunday's inside the church, listening to her father preach from the pulpit.

Guy was the star of NBC's "A Different World," which ran for six seasons and continues to find viewers in syndication. Her role in the "Cosby Show" spinoff was as Whitley Gilbert, feisty Southern belle.

Guy grew up in Friendship Baptist Church, where her father, the Rev. William Guy was pastor.

The oldest black Baptist church in Atlanta is being knocked down to make room for a new billion dollar Falcons stadium.

"I'm like, 'What does [the stadium] do for our city? [The church] does something for the city. Our churches, our history," Guy said.

The church agreed to a $19.5 million to leave their home for the last 150 years.

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