Many USA cyclists were out riding in downtown Chattanooga on Sunday getting a feel for the route they will be riding on Monday.

The big event that starts on Frazier Ave. has many businesses prepping.

"We're over staffing but not really, we're prepping and we're getting things done," said Raven Humphrey. “lots of sausages being made."

Places like Good Dog are expecting to see lots of new faces from the race, some local and some not.

"It boosts our business, it boosts moral. It gets local people out and about and they're like oh wow look at this place, look at these shops, look at how great this side of town is, said Humphrey.

Humphrey says last year’s race brought in big business with over 500 people in one day.

"Yeah we were slammed, awesome people, awesome crowd, and a great group of people. It was tons of fun," said Humphrey. "On a normal business day, I’d say 300, 300 is our normal ballpark figure.”

She expects nothing less this year.

"Yesterday and today alone we're probably going to get that," said Humphrey. "I've already served 50 people this morning."


These businesses wouldn't have it any other way.

"It can get crazy. Sometimes we have a line out both doors down the steps and around the corner," said Humphrey. "Anything that comes to the North Shore is great for us."

The race is on Monday with the starting line up at 9 a.m.