UPDATE:  We have an update on a the 6-year-old that was hit by a vehicle Thursday night following Ridgeland's graduation at Memorial Auditorium. 

His family tells Channel 3 that he did suffer a concussion as well as several bumps and bruises, but is going to be fine.


A 6-year old is in the hospital after being struck by a vehicle on Houston Street, downtown.

It happened after a mess created by, what police say was a poorly planned high school graduation at Memorial Auditorium.

The function was already marred when many parents and family members were locked out.

Some tell Channel-3 they were kept from seeing their loved ones graduate after the crowd was deemed too large for the auditorium.. Police locked the doors well before the ceremonies and kept those arriving from going inside.

Celeste Daniel, graduate's parent, "The graduation didn't even start until 7:30.  I got here at 7 and there were probably 200-300 people waiting to get in.  Along with one of Ridgeland's graduates that did not get to walk across the stage, because police wouldn't let her in."

Parents tell Channel-3 they're upset the school offered no apology for the incident that they say ruined a major milestone.

There's no word on the condition of the child that was struck.