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NBC's Brian Williams gives commencement address at Nashville high school

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Brian Williams. WSMV photo Brian Williams. WSMV photo
A video describing the journey of getting Williams to the graduation was played before he spoke to the students.
Brian Williams had just returned from Russia where he conducted an interview with Edward Snowden.
He addressed both that interview and the unique video request during his speech to the graduates.
"An email arrived at NBC News from your principal and it said, 'We're just wondering if Brian has seen the video we put on YouTube.' So I had just come off the air one night, I'm in my office and figure I'll take a look. How bad could it be? I'll just glimpse... just peek at it. Well, I was cooked. I just --- There was no way I was gonna say, 'no'."
"Exactly 32 hours ago there was a knock on my hotel room door in Moscow. I opened the door and in front of me stood the instantly recognizable, most wanted man in the world today, Edward Snowden. He extended his hand and said, 'Hi, I'm Ed.'"
"Generationally he's out ahead of you. He's 30. He's half a generation ahead of you... but he's gonna play a role in all of your lives... and in your country... because of what he's exposed and what, because of him, we now know about what our government was and is doing." Today the House of Representatives voted to limit what the NSA can gather."

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