A Dalton woman has pleaded guilty in federal court to theft of government funds for stealing her granddaughter's Social Security benefits.

Sixty-eight year old Margie Sue Goad was her granddaughter's only family.  Goad relinquished her to into state custody and kept her benefits.

Information presented in court showed that Goad was appointed representative payee for her minor granddaughter's Social Security Survivor's Benefits and
Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in September 2002.  She was required to use these benefits solely for the care and support of her granddaughter.  Her granddaughter began receiving SSB from her deceased father's account in 1994, and SSI in 2001.  Goad was required to complete yearly reports for the Social Security Administration (SSA) confirming that her granddaughter resided with her.  

Goad did not notify SSA that she relinquished permanent physical and legal custody of her granddaughter to DFACS in 2002, and that the child was growing up in foster care and group homes.  Instead, Goad continued to receive her granddaughter's benefits money, and spent the money on herself, and not on the child. 

Sentencing for Goad is scheduled for July 31, 2014.