Police are trying to solve Chattanooga's latest homicide. A 22-year-old man was shot and killed Wednesday night on Appling Street and the victim's family says detectives have left them in the dark in the investigation.

The call came in around 8:30. Desean Pierce died at the scene. Another man was sent to the hospital. Police tell Channel 3 the shooting may be gang related but Desean's family says that is not the case. They say he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I was in the house and then I came out and she told me she heard seven gunshots," says Lashun Pierce, Desean's mother.

Lashun Pierce says after talking with her neighbor, she ran down to the crime scene on Appling Street.

"I asked the police officer, 'Just look in his wallet and see is it Desean? That's all I want to know, is it my baby? That's all I want to know is it my baby?' and he said, 'Ma'am we can't let you know that. You've got to get back. You've got to get back.'">

Since Wednesday night, she says she has not heard a word from Chattanooga Police about her son's murder.

"I still don't know. Everybody else is telling me. Everybody else is telling me he's dead. But I ain't heard from nobody else," says Lashun.

"We only heard from people standing along the side, that's little Desean. We didn't know for sure and still don't know. We ain't seen it. We just know what we've heard," says King James.

King James calls 22-year-old Desean, his 'God brother.' He can not believe he was shot in the neighborhood where they grew up together.

"On the streets? No. Not like that. Maybe at a club or something you hear about it. Not just laying right here  where ran and grew up and playing and stuff together. Not like that," he says, holding back tears.

"To not come over here and notify the family? I believe that's very important. But the news is out here before them? How ridiculous is that?" asks Desean's brother, Samuel.

Samuel says his family wants answers from police and needs direction on what to do next.

"I just really would like them to let us know something. Let our family know some information. They really do need to do their job. They need to let my mom know some information about my brother, most definitely. Let us know where he's at so we can take care of what needs to be taken care of, because obviously they're not going to do it. We gotta do it," says Samuel.

The public information officer for the Chattanooga Police Department tells Channel 3 the detective on the case would make sure to contact the family Thursday.