Two Athens businesses have received phone calls with the caller claiming to represent the Athens Utilities Board and demanding immediate payment to avoid service interruption.

AUB spokesman Wayne Scarbrough said that AUB never calls any customer demanding payment over the phone and threatening immediate disconnect.

“This is a scam that seems to pop up at least annually in our area.  Sometimes it involves residential customers, but yesterday the calls were to area businesses,” Scarbrough said.

In both cases, Scarbrough said the businesses contacted AUB to check their account status; both found their accounts to be fully up to date.

“I commend these customers for being on top of their accounts and telling the scam caller to take a hike.  Then they called AUB to verify their account status and to report the calls,” Scarbrough said.

AUB suggests customers be aware of their account status, and report suspicious calls by asking the caller’s name can contact the Athens Utilities Board main office at (423) 745-4501.