Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors says the company will build a new facility at Chattanooga Enterprise South, home to Volkswagen and Amazon.

The company will purchase about 27 acres, according to Marc Cornet, President of the Americas of Plastic Omnium Auto Exteriors.

Plastic Omnium’s investment of $65 million will create 184 new jobs when production begins in 2015 and expand its payroll to include 300 people as early as three years after opening, according to a news release.

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A tier-one supplier for Volkswagen as well as other major auto manufacturers in the Southeast, Plastic Omnium hopes to further expand in Chattanooga.

Manufacturing operations at the new Chattanooga facility will include painting and assembly of automobile exterior components such as bumpers and fenders.

“Chattanooga is an ideal location for Plastic Omnium to serve the automotive industry in the Southeast,” said Cornet. “We appreciate our partnership with both local and state officials, who are working closely with us to establish this new operation.”