We all do it, but some more than others.

Jennifer Wardlaw says "If I can diminish the sight of it."


Jennifer Wardlaw is talking about excessive sweating or a condition known as hyperhidrosis.


Jennifer Wardlaw says "I would consider what I am going to be doing during the day, according to what I walk out the door wearing, you never want to be caught in an embarrassing situation."


That's why Jennifer decided to try new technology now available in our area called MiraDry.


 Dr. Chad Deal with Southern Surgical Arts says this is a major advancement when it comes to treating this condition.


Dr. Chad Deal says "It represents a whole new genre of patient treatment."


According to the FDA the MiraDry system is a microwave device designed to heat the tissue.


Dr. Chad Deal says "So when you apply suction to axel area it pulls up area of seat glands and it heats up specifically sweat glands so they are no longer viable."


Dr. Deal went on to say the rest of the skin stays safe and is actually cooled.


But some concerns have been raised about about the downside of eliminating sweating which serves very important functions, including cooling your body and eliminating toxins.


Dr. Chad Deal "They'll say isn't sweating a good thing? Absolutely, but you are affecting one or two of the seat glands, just where they are very concentrated."


Dr. Deal says most patients usually require two treatments to see the best results.


As for Jennifer, she says the procedure has given her a lot more freedom and confidence.


Jennifer Wardlaw says "it has definitely changed the way I dress during the day, and I don't consider it as much as when I am making my choices."


While most patients don't experience any major problems, most people will have moderate swelling under their arms for a few days.