New business is moving on in to North Georgia after Walker County closed a $50 million dollar deal.

Audia International announced it will build a new plant in the county.

We first told you about this piece of land back in January, when the county bought it to house a potential industrial park. It's just off Hwy-27 on Swanson drive.

The plastic company will now reside on 24 of the 423 acre plot.

It's something the county has worked for.

Life in the county is what Kim Woodard and her family have enjoyed for years.

"This is a very quiet neighborhood. Very good neighbors, people you can trust. It's a good place to live," said Woodard.

Soon it will be a good place to work as Audia International industries moves in.      

Larry Brooks the Economic Development Director says they worked to make the county more marketable by investing more than 4 million dollars into land off Hwy 27; which worked in their favor when Audia was looking at five other states to possibly locate to.

"They really needed a campus that could handle what they plan on doing now and what they could be doing in the future," said Brooks.

Woodard just hopes her new neighbors won't push her family out.

"I'm a little anxious about them moving into our back yard. I think we're going to lose a lot of our privacy, the road will be much busier, the noise," said Woodard.

Brooks assures me resident concerns are in their thoughts as they draft plans.

"When we originally did our site plans we planned for vegetated buffers that would encompass the entire park so residents wouldn't have to look at the park every day," said Brooks.

While Woodard is prepared for a few inconveniences, she knows the end result will be good for her home town.

"I'm excited the community is getting the jobs, we definitely need the jobs in this area," said Woodard.

Those jobs won't be seen just inside the factory, but outside as the first phase of building is started.

"They are very interested in making sure it is someone local who they can count on to know all of the regulations and has the experience they can count on to make this happen," said Brooks.

Brooks says he hopes Audia will serve as the backbone for the county, bringing other industry to Walker County.

"We think the future is bright and just appreciate the blessings the good lord has sent our way," said Brooks.

Brooks says there is a possibility of expansion with the plant later on; he adds there are other potential companies looking at other plots of the land as well.

Construction is expected to begin late this summer, with plant operations beginning in 2015.