RINGGOLD, GA (WRCB) - It was an emotional homecoming for a North Georgia Marine who surprised his little brother and sister at their schools Wednesday. They had no idea their big brother was returning from overseas.

Marine Lance Corporal Cody Davenport has spent the last year serving in Afghanistan. Wednesday he made his way back home to Catoosa County. The 20-year-old enlisted as soon as he graduated from Heritage High School in 2012. After serving the last year in Afghanistan, he's home for 17 days of family time.

His first stop was Ringgold Primary School. It was the face kindergartner Duke Davenport has waited 12 long months to see again. Dressed proudly in his Marines shirt, he was overwhelmed and in shock that his big brother was finally home. He clung to his chest, not wanting to let go. They've talked on the phone at every chance, but it's just not the same.

"Oh my little brother, he's my world," L CPL Cody Davenport said, "Just overwhelming to see my little brother it just fills my heart."

It was his idea to surprise Duke at school and bring a gift of his own dog tags just like Cody's.

The surprises didn't stop there. Then he went searching for his sister Haleigh, at Heritage High School where she's a freshman.

"You send your kid off to war and to see him back for the first time it tears me apart every time but to actually be able to watch both of my kids reunite like that, with the age difference they have, it's an amazing feeling," dad Jason Davenport said.

The whole family cried tears of joy, thankful to have their Marine home and safe.

"It's just really hard because I always tell him everything and there was really nobody here to tell," sister Haleigh Whitt said.

They're ready to make the most of their next 17 days together.

"It's going to be the best 17 days in over a year," Jason said.

After his 17 day visit, he returns to his base in California.