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Liquor by the drink in Walker County could mean more businesses coming to the area

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WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Bebe Heiskell says she attended dozens of community meetings to find out what voters wanted to see on the ballot.

She tells Channel 3 many wanted to be able to vote on liquor by the drink in hopes to bring in more restaurants to the county.

"It is an economic development issue , we're losing a lot of our sales tax to Catoosa County, Whitfield County and Chattanooga, places where people can go to shop and eat," said Heiskell.

Heiskell says it's been a growing problem without the liquor by the drink to get new business into Walker County.

"I had already talked with a few restaurants about coming to Walker County and they said they would when we go liquor by the drink," said Heiskell.

After Tuesday night's vote that's all going to change.

"We have very few chain restaurants unless they're fast food so this is an opportunity for them to come here too," said Heiskell.

The referendum passed with 56 percent of the votes saying yes and 44 percent voting no.

Walker County local, Jonathon Walker says it's a great thing for the county.

"It will create more jobs, plus create more money opportunities and everything else," said Walker.

Jerry Weldon says he is saddened by the decision and hopes no one is hurt because of it.

"Someone walking in drinking 2 drinks [is] affected the same way you might be drinking 5 drinks and then they get out on the street and kill themselves or someone else," said Weldon.

Heiskell says the vote will bring the sales tax dollars back to their rightful place and will help Walker County grow.

"We have to keep up with everybody else and the only opportunity we have to fund the government is through property tax or sales tax," said Heiskell. "When we're not moving forward and we're standing still, we are still moving backwards; because everyone else is moving forward and we want to move forward too."

This vote will only affect restaurants and hotels that make two-thirds of their sales through food in the unincorporated parts of the county, it does not include bars.

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