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Local disabled veteran falls victim to thief

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A criminal preyed on a disabled veteran and his family. Their home was ransacked and burglarized. Those who know him say it's appalling for someone who risked his life serving our country, to fall victim to a thief. They're hoping someone can offer a lead for police.

The burglary happened in broad daylight Thursday at veteran Jeff Mullins' home on Old Dayton Pike, where his young family recently moved in. Mullins hadn't been gone long when someone busted into his house and went on a stealing spree around noon. He was out ordering cupcakes for his son's first birthday. His wife, April, came home from work for a lunch break to find the door wide open and the inside much emptier.

"I walked in and that piece of wood was laying in the floor," April Mullins said, "I looked over and the TV was gone and I was like 'oh no' and I walked into the bedroom and that TV was gone and everything was out of our drawers. The mattress was flipped over."

Jeff and April Mullins are still in shock that someone walked into their home and helped themselves to televisions, computers, checks, a safe and even Jeff's PTSD medicines. He joined the marines at 18 years old and served three tours of duty in Iraq. Now he's dedicated to protecting his family.

"I just wish I knew who did it," Jeff Mullins said.

He's installing a security system in case the person comes back, though there's not much left to take. They even stole his great-grandmother's photos that are more than half a century old.

"I mean they were just in a box so I don't know why they took that," April said.

"I think they were just grabbing stuff there toward the end," Jeff said.

The young family just moved into the rental home a little over a month ago. They'd started the process of getting renter's insurance, but weren't covered yet. They don't have the money to replace everything so they're trying to find their stuff. They're searching local pawn shops and online.

"I've been checking Craigslist and everything looking for our stuff," April said.

FBI crime statistics from 2010-2013 show the highest rate of property crimes are in the South. Around 74.5-percent of burglaries are at residences. Most of them are during the day time, like in the Mullins' case.

"I just feel weird somebody coming in my house and gong through all my stuff. You just kind of feel violated," April said.

A neighbor reports seeing a white car there at the time of the burglary, but no other suspect details are available. If you may have a tip that could help the investigation, call the Chattanooga Police Department.
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