(WRCB) – The Tennessee Valley Bass Club held their seventh tournament of their 2013-2014 season this weekend on Nickajack Lake out of Sullivans boat ramp..

The team of Steve Rogers and Bob Anthony walked away with first place prize and $544. The pair brought in a five-fish limit weighing 18.69 pounds to take the win. They also received the $100 bonus for being the highest finishing Tow Boat U.S. member of the event.

Taking second place and $272 was the Father and son team of
Tyler and Tim Thornbury
with total of 18.54 pounds. They also won big fish of the tournament and $170 with a giant largemouth bass weighing 6.25 pounds

Finishing in third and taking home $136 was the team of Wes Jones and Joel Wood with a total weight of 16.76 pounds.

"Events like these would not be possible without our club's sponsors," TVBC President Brad Harmon says, "I would like to thank Tow Boat Us / Southern Marine, Coca-Cola of Chattanooga, Domino's Pizza, Headrick's Body Shop, Rivermont Electric, Miller Ind, Choo-Choo Lures, and Yank-um Custom Tackle & Rods for their help and support."

The next regular season tournament will be held on Guntersville at Jackson City Park on June 21st 2014.

Full results:

1st: Steve Rogers / Bob Anthony - 18.69 lbs ($544.00) 

Highest finishing Tow Boat Us members

2nd: Tyler Thornbury / Tim Thornbury - 18.54 lbs ($272.00)

3rd: Wes Jones / Joel Wood - 16.76 lbs ($136.00) 

4th: Ed Ricklefs / Randy Munn - 16.43 lbs

5th: Chris Asher / Kirk Grammer - 15.90 lbs

6th: Rick Camp / Anthony - 14.18 lbs

7th: Chris Talley / Derek Blivens - 13.63 lbs

8th: Russell Parkhill / Freddie Bradford - 13.57 lbs

9th: Craig Pletcher / Eddie Wallace - 13.34 lbs

10th: Gary Dvenport / Harold Coffman Jr - 13.22 lbs

11th: Jeff Todd / Jacob Todd - 12.68 lbs

12th: Kevin Stone / David Brockman - 11.99 lbs

13th: Brad Harmon / John Biffle - 11.56 lbs

14th: Paul Johnson / Robert (Roho) McDougal - 11.06 lbs

15th: Ed Knight / Mike Gnaster - 6.59 lbs

16th: Doug Mims / Justice Wade - 2.31 lbs

17th: Alan Tittle / Travis Tittle - 1.72 lbs

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