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Firefighters train for the unexpected

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Chattanooga firefighters faced some serious heat Friday night.
If you were around the Moccasin Bend area and saw some big flames, don't worry it was just a drill.
The fire department held their live fire training to prepare for natural gas fires.
The training was held behind the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Moccasin Bend.
The training chief says it is not typical for our fire department to fight a natural gas fir, but need to prepare for anything.

Phil Hyman, CFD Training Chief, "Natural gas fires aren't common, but it's something we have to prepare for, and have to train for, there was actually a natural fire not too long ago in Tiftonia that sparked recent memory."

The drill Friday night was part of the 2014 Fire Academy training.
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