Detectives in North Georgia are searching for a "Botox bandit." Dalton Police say thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of wrinkle-reducing treatments from a dental office and fear the criminals are turning around and injecting people illegally on the black market.

Investigators are asking for the public's help finding the person or people who stole what they consider a large amount Botox and Juvederm from a Dalton dental office. The medicines are used there to treat jaw clenching and teeth grinding. They're also popular cosmetic treatments for reducing wrinkles and that's how investigators think the culprit is making money off the heist. It's an act that's not only illegal but also dangerous to the people they're injecting.

Dalton Police say this may be their first black market Botox investigation.

"It's something that's unusual," Dalton Police Department Spokesperson Bruce Frazier said.

A local dental office reported thousands of dollars worth of missing Botox and Juvederm, which are manufactured in laboratories and injected to people most commonly to reduce wrinkles. It's a medical procedure that law requires a licensed and approved physician to perform. Detectives think the thief is cashing in on doing it themselves.

"We're hoping if somebody believes they've been injected with Botox or Juvederm by somebody that's not a licensed physician to give us a call," Frazier said.

Chattanooga's Dr. James Shire has 20 years of experience with these procedures, and says it's dangerous to get the treatment from someone who isn't well educated on the anatomy of the face.

"There's a number of people out there that have taken a weekend course or an online course that may be doing this who really aren't trained and if you can't handle the complications that can occur from a procedure you shouldn't be doing it," Dr. James Shire said.

He's treated people who've received botched Botox treatments elsewhere.

"I've had patients walk in here with a feeding tube down because they can't swallow," he said.

He says some areas of the face shouldn't be injected, like under the eyes, which can affect your vision. Plus, he says everyone should undergo a physical exam to see if it's safe for them to receive it. Dr. Shire wants people to consider the dangers before going to someone who isn't qualified just to save money.

Dalton Police hope if you now realize you fell victim to the fraud, to come forward, so they can narrow in on a suspect. They say you will not get in trouble if you had a Botox or Juvederm treatment done by someone who was not a physician. They just want to know who performed the procedure and where so they can put a stop to it.